E-Verify Does it work? And if it doesnt who is to blame?

in my few years working as a clerk for my Ag business company i have come across E-Verify. When Photocopying various forms a tough always lingered, are these forms accurate. well as it turns out they most likely were not. who is to blame in this case? the person submitting false documents or the person taking them as accurate. there is big controversy in big business because of this. i came across an article that attacks E-verify as it doesn’t protect against identity theft. what does this mean for managers? The current trend suggest that they are to blame. i think not the problem lies in immigration reform failing to come to acceptable terms and allowing illegal immigrants to stay as guest workers or permanent residents is causing a spike in identity theft. this new trend is encouraging the black market sale of Social Security numbers which are stolen then sold to illegal immigrants that are looking for jobs.

Here is that article


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