Employing illegal immigrants

throughout the years there has been a lot of coverage in the media about illegal immigrants in the workforce. The issue that doesn’t get much coverage is the difficult task of the HR department at places of employ. The HR department is responsible in verifying the validity of workers documentations. i came across an article from 2007 that has a brief explanation of this. it highlights the penalties of failing to do so. i agree that an HR department should verify identities, but it is a difficult task as these workers have families and they need jobs. not employing them would take a toll on social services. amnesty would help fix this problem allowing some of these folks to get jobs easily and contribute to the local economies in which they work.¬† it would be beneficial for small agricultural towns it would stimulate spending and in turn stimulate growth without the harsh punishments put forth by the government. Keep in mind the jobs that they are inquiring about are manual labor jobs at minimum wage that most Americans are reluctant to take. in Santa Maria, California a year or so ago when the local authorities there cracked down hard on these workers millions of dollars where lost in rotting strawberry farms that no one would work in. this is the article


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