Strawberry Crisis in the Central Coast due to labor shortages

For the last couple of years as the unemployment rate fluctuates between 8-10% in Santa maria, California the demand for workers increases. why is this? the problem lies with the type of work that is in demand. close too 2000 workers are needed in this area yet the unemployment rate grows. the work needed in this are consist mainly in agriculture. Most Americans do not want to take jobs in this field and the local economy there is taking a hit. the solution is immigration reform. here is a link to a video of the crisis from a local news station  this a prime example of what would happen if illegal immigrants are not allowed to work. they are not taking jobs if nobody wants them. what does this mean for management? Management is forced to turn the blind eye to fake documentation and in doing so run the risk of harsh penalties. This is the beginning of a new trend. Managers are willing to take the risk of penalties because what they stand to loose is much more than the penalties. here is that link again

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